This is just a test post

If you happen upon this page only to see this crap as the most recent post, I apologize.  I’m testing things behind the scenes.

No Worries Mate

There are a lot more constructive things I could write about (I actually have a growing list of stuff), but I occasionally read a post from someone trying to implement GTD that blows my mind… I’m talking about the people who have a to do list like:

  1. Paint my nails
  2. Exercise
  3. Read
  4. Feed the cat

If that is all you have to worry about in a given day and you need a time management system to relieve stress, then you need professional psychiatric help.  When your list of next actions exceeds 500 and conservative time estmates puts it at 3 years of work, then I’ll start to sympathize.

Sorry to pee in anyone’s corn flakes, but maybe if someone tells these people they have nothing to be stressed about, they’ll wake up and realize it.

Slack-jawed idiot over iPhone

I was skeptical that Apple could deliver a device as revolutionary as everyone was hoping for, but it looks like they succeeded.  It’s almost too good to be true.  The biggest thing that shocked me was that they claim it is running OS X.  If the whole world of *nix apps now has a phone platform to run, Apple just won even more converts from the Linux world.

Probably my favorite computer I’ve ever owned was my Newton 2000.  Hopefully this will fill that void. 

These are a few of my favorite things

I updated my list of FireFox extensions that I use as well as my list of favorite applications and utilities.  Please leave a comment if there’s something you like better than my choices.

Sleep is good

Ze talks about how to study… 

When I was in college, I tried a variety of techniques and I must agree that stress is the biggest killer for being productive and effective in anything. 

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